CHASKi has changed the way I evaluate and train my athletes. With the technology I can better determine training zones and ensure the workouts I program are high quality.

Rafael Bucciero
Head-Coach and Founder Club Proam


CHASKi is a must have tool for any athlete looking to improve. At Trilab360, it allows us to further personalize training programs by measuring athletes’ ventilatory thresholds accurately and objectively.

Marcelo Caro
Head-Coach Trilab360


CHASKi enables me to quickly, simply, and reliably determine the physiological threshold of each athlete so we can adjust experimental biomechanical evaluations to their true physical capabilities. This leads to more realistic results for our studies.

David Arriagada
Biomechanics Researcher


It is important to know what phase you’re in during training as it leads to different responses and adaptations. CHASKi allows us to measure these phases and the transitions between each of them in a reliable and validated way.

Jorge Cancino
Ph.D., Exercise Physiology