Rooted in years
of Scientific

CHASKi originates from years of research and innovation into respiratory biomechanics from leading Universities around the world.

Our origin Story

Our technology emerged from the academic setting to support healthcare providers monitor respiratory depression in critical care patients. This novel technology served as a non-invasive early indicator that a patient needed intervention to avoid heart failure.

During this time, many coaches and physiologists approached us and asked to use our device to better understand respiration and ventilatory-derived performance metrics. This is when CHASKi was born, the first respiratory wearable for athletes.

CHASKi is named after the Chasquis, the messengers of the Inca empire who were in charge of carrying messages up to 110 miles a day. With CHASKi we support all athletes to reach their peak potential.

Innovative Sensor &
Machine Learning Technology

Patented Wearable Form Factor

CHASKi’s patented form factor enables lab-level data with a portable, comfortable, and non-invasive form factor.

Novel Sensor Technology

CHASKi uses novel sensor technology to measure and transmit ventilatory high-fidelity parameters instantly .

Oral vs. Nasal Breathing

CHASKi’s dual sensor technology enables you to discern oral v nasal breathing patterns for advanced breath mechanics analytics.

Advanced Signal Processing

CHASKi uses the latest signal processing and machine learning methodologies to derive industry-first metrics and insights.

Validated against
the Gold Standard

Core CHASKi metrics have been validated against gold-standard ergospirometry and published in leading peer-reviewed journals. We ensure all metrics are tested rigorously and reflect industry-standard concepts. We don’t rely on black-box metrics which are hard to understand. We provide actionable and intuitive insights to coaches and athletes.

Training Based on Science, not Statistics

People who trained with zones based on their individualized ventilatory thresholds obtained better (2.4x) and more consistent results than those who trained with zones based on their heart rate (the traditional method). Use CHASKi to know your threshold based zones and individualize training to your goals.

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