CHASKi raises USD 300K in Seed round and prepares for market launch

The raised capital will allow the company to launch to market its wearable respiratory assessment system for athletes during the second half of 2022, reaching 1000+ assessments in 150+ users.

CHASKi, the wearable respiratory assessment system for athletes, has closed a seed investment round led by Claudio Angelini’s (Forbes-listed family) investment company.  The objective of the investment is to launch the product in the local market, reaching 150 users, along with crossing the threshold of 1000 evaluations performed with the system. Following this plan, IC Innovations, the science-technology based company developing CHASKi, seeks to pave the way for a Series A investment round to pursue the internationalization of the product. 

The solution is designed for triathletes, cyclists and runners looking to optimize their training. “Elite athletes are evaluated in specialized sports laboratories. With CHASKi, we democratize this evaluation, making it available to everyone and everywhere” comments Vader Johnson, CEO and co-founder of the company. For this, CHASKi registers the athlete’s breathing activity, which is then analyzed by its cloud-based platform, providing sports performance metrics to optimally design exercise routines. Thus, CHASKi seeks to extend the reach of professional sports evaluation, currently reserved for elite athletes, to the highly committed amateur athlete. 

“CHASKi is a disruptive technology, which combines our sensors with Machine Learning algorithms to uniquely evaluate the athlete’s breathing behavior” mentions Daniel Hurtado, CSO and co-founder. The technology behind CHASKi was created in Hurtado’s lab at the Catholic University of Chile, receiving support from DICTUC, CORFO and HUBTEC. Recently, in order to launch the technology to the market, the spin-off company IC Innovations was created. After its creation, the company was awarded the Startup Ciencia 2021 grant, which is now complemented by the investment made by Angelini. This way, the company was able to raise funding of over 300,000 USD for this stage.

Currently, the company is establishing alliances with coaches of well-known sports clubs to participate in a pilot commercial launch. This will allow their teams to be the first to use this technology, evaluate their sports respiratory performance and complement their exercise prescription.

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